ZOUK is a partnered Latin dance with an elegant sensual style. The connection between leaders and followers creates the feeling of earthiness and flow. Originally the music was merged into the dancing styles of several regions, such as Brazil with Lambada, and West Africa where it tied into the evolution of Kizomba. Zouk can be very fast, with the influence of Lambada, or a slowed down, earthy tempo (which is my preference!). As is the case with most street styles of dancing, it is constantly evolving and being influenced by other music and dance styles so we dance it as a Fusion with current tracks of varying styles.

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Jeanna has been dancing in Townsville for nearly ten years and has been teaching various street Latin styles for the last five years, predominantly teaching at Movimiento studio and more recently with Latin Vibrations. She has choreographed a number of fusion pieces which have been performed at Townsville Cultural Festival as well as performances in collaboration with Scimitar Moon Belly dance. Jeanna aims to create a fun and constructive learning environment where you will progress your dancing and feel confident on the social dance floor. Her approach is to work with your needs and identify your learning style, breakdown movement patterns in a way that builds capacity and in turn enjoyment.