Fredrich Glasl’s Nine-Stage Model Of Conflict Escalation

STAGE NINE. TOGETHER INTO THE ABYSS: In the last stage of conflict escalation, the drive to annihilate the enemy is so strong that even the self-preservation instinct is neglected. Not even one’s own survival counts, the enemy shall be exterminated even at the price of destruction of one’s own very existence as an organization, group, or individual. Ruin, bankruptcy, prison sentences, physical harm, nothing matters any longer . All bridges are burnt, there is no return. A total war of destruction without scruples and remorse is waged. There are no innocent victims, no neutral parties. The only remaining concern in the race towards the abyss is to make sure that the enemy will fall too.

REVIEWS: The raw emotion of Dancenorth’s Alice Hinde, in together into the abyss, and Austrlaian Dance Theatre’s Kimball Wong, in Morphology made for compelling viewing. The powerful almost violent, emotional and physical journey these people pieces from Hinde and Wong can take you on might not match the words you read. Instead they can be a reflection of your own life experiences or those of the people around you. But that is what dance theatre is all about”. Sunshine Coast daily, Rae Wilson

Choreographer: Raewyn Hill

Soloist: Alice Hinde

Music: The Abyss Drill (Eden Mullholland)

Costume: From the collection of Alistair Trung