Syncing Feelin

Peacock Theatre
Jan 13-15

BROGHT to Hobart by Salamanca Arts Centre and Mofo, Syncing Feeling is an intimate experience, even from the back row.

In and out of the intense darkness, the two figures merge with voluminous fabric.  Rippling , enveloping forms swallow amorphous shapes, limbs extend into space, entwined and supporting,.

Kyle Page (Artistic Director, Dancenorth) and Amber Haines are very comfortable with each other and in their own skins; articulate movers whose partnering is mature, intricate and knowing.  Ever-evolving, their duos switch in mood by calming and settling electrifying quivers or plunging us again into darkness.

Alistair Macindoe’s sound composition is both responsive and impelling.  His sensibility as a dancer is clear, as is his use of phrasing and capacity to drive movement at points along the journey.

From fragile to forceful, the perpetual motion of two becomes a solo for Haines highlight pathways, control and fluidity.

Very confident risk-taking emerges from simple mirroring, folding, copying and passing movement impetus from one to the other body, making mesmerizing phrases.

Moments of equilibrium are found in stillness until seemingly unnatural distortion develops into another solo for Page.  Developed from theories on processes of the human mind, this work explores empathy, imitation and deciding of another person’s actions feelings and emotions.

Together and apart Page and Haines are connected in this strong performance.

Yielding, observing, embracing, resisting, they are a couple in-synch and the work they have created is tight, neat and complete,

Lesley Graham