“SURGE is by far one of the most exciting choreographic works and Dancenorth is certainly one of the most exciting contemporary dance companies in the country at the moment.”
“The work is thrilling in the way it combines the energy of sport and the beauty of dance, and that gives SURGE broad appeal,” - Festival 2018 Gold Coast Co-Creative Director Yaron Lifschitz.

Witness daring athleticism and high-powered choreography in a new dance work that dramatically swings between harmony and havoc.

Choreographed by Gabrielle Nankivell and sound designed by Luke Smiles, watch as five dancers embody the hypnotic paradox of beauty and violence that rages within the elements; igniting our senses, wrestling with our temperaments and wreaking havoc on our imagination.

Created especially for this 360 degree stage and set to an arresting soundscape, SURGE pushes the boundaries of contemporary dance.