'Watching this work is an electric experience; it is a highly successful collaboration between Australian and international artists that is evenly balanced and rich. The work deserves a longer season than the few performances it has been allocated here in Melbourne.' SYDNEY MORNING HERALD and THE AGE

'Choreographically, Attractor channels a sense of frenzied possession - with dancers' flailing limbs and rubbery torsos endlessly energised by the music, by one another and by the dynamic of the group. The dancers are brilliant - free and technically wonderful. The music incorporates deep, human sounds as well as alienating cacophonies and blood curdling shrieks.' DANCE AUSTRALIA

'Senyawa focus intently on the movement, keeping time with the dancers as they twitch to each strum or frenzied chant. As well as sharing a stage space, boundaries between musicians and dancers are blurred when the musicians are incorporated into the choreography; sometimes even carried and dragged around the space, leaving sweat trails. When chairs are relocated and there's unison tutting around faces, we're absolutely enthralled. Samantha Hines' standout solo is accompanied by vocal percussion and evokes an exorcism. Her instrument presents endless possibilities and she stops on a dime, achieving perfect balance on one leg after frenzied, multi-directional chorey.' THE MUSIC

'At moments, there were shades Ohad Naharin’s Gaga technique in the way that the freedom of ecstatic dance was worked into the dynamics of a highly trained troupe.' OREGON ARTS WATCH



IF ___ WAS ___

'...the dancers – Harrison Hall, Mason Kelly, Jenni Large, Ashley McLellan, Georgia Rudd - are superb. They go all-out to make this choreography soar, and it’s thanks to their focus and expressive intuition that both these pieces communicate with such direct, unguarded ease.’  LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE

''If___Was___' thrillingly amplifies unique human responses to the laws and social values that govern us. This is a social science experiment to watch.'  SCENSTR

‘…was the raw athleticism and artistry of the tightly cohesive Dancenorth dancers. Obviously committed, they also seem energised by the enthusiasm of Kyle Page and the creative opportunities offered by Dancenorth’s ambitious commissioning of new works by award winning choreographers." DANCE AUSTRALIA

"Page's interest in how we construct self and meaning from the perspective of our unique experience is played out in this exercise, which is imbued with the mischievous rigour the Artistic Director brings to all of his creative explorations with the company." REALTIME

'Stephanie Lake never ceases to amaze in her skill as an interpreter of performance art and all the dancers worked as a cohesive unit.' MELBOURNE OBSERVER



"Their physicality is a testament to their skills, while the unique choreography could convert wide-eyed kids or non-dance aficionados into devoted fans.  Rainbow Vomit is exciting, engaging and innovative." TOWNSVILLE BULLETIN 

"..the diversity of sensory input and cleverness in melding elements of dance and theatre that this performance provides is eidetic and sensational, and is guaranteed to be a hit for all who take the trip to see it." ARTS HUB 

"This show is a rare achievement, a resonant sensory journey into our inner, earlier, less convoluted childhood state." REALTIME

"The work achieved so much in only 40 minutes and the "woah's", "ooh's" and "ash's" from the audience are testament to this... an experience not to be missed." DANCETRAIN|/dancetrain-review-of-rainbow-vomit



"Dancenorth and Japanese Butoh collective Batiks’ fusion of contemporary dance, live music and digital sculpture Spectra underscored the rich potential of emergent cross-cultural performance." REAL TIME

“the dancers steal the show in a stunning performance of a choreography that always has the audience enthralled. If nothing else, three encores and a standing ovation are proof enough. Do not miss this amazing performance" GLOBAL MEDIA POST

"a perfectly realised work, with every element fused into a seamless whole - Spectra is a deeply satisfying experience, and bodes well for Dancenorth under Page’s direction” DANCE AUSTRALIA

"Spectra is an outstanding artistic collaboration - truly unique, beautiful and stimulating"  IN DAILY

"Kyle Page and Amber Haines’ Dancenorth - have unleashed something new and profound for contemporary dance - successfully gripping opening night audience’s hearts and minds in something so breathtakingly new" THE BAREFOOT REVIEW

"Spectra is a wholly immersive experience and judging by the audience’s reaction, one that definitely struck a chord with many - it was difficult to tear your eyes away from a choreography that mesmerises with such delicate intricacy. Beautiful" THE CLOTHESLINE



" Partnering is mature, intricate and knowing" THE MERCURY Tasmania

"jaw-dropping partner work and superbly confident performances" THE AGE

“a beautifully fluid, almost weightless construction - mesmerising" DANCE AUSTRALIA

"Syncing Feeling is clever, idiosyncratic, at times humorous and, above all, compelling" THE COURIER MAIL|/couriermailreviewdancenorthsharedthread

Exceptional choreography, remarkable athleticism, ingenious design and profound creativity.”  DANCE TRAIN

a seductive piece of dance which hit a lot of deep psychic nerves in people,” Brian Ritchie, Curator MOFO

'embodies a freshness and humanity, a purity of movement, and a depth of thought that are uplifting and inspiring.’  XS Entertainment

"staging, sound, light and movement establish an atmosphere that is visually rich and intimate." REALTIME



"With his latest piece, A Pre-emptive Requiem for Mother Nature, Alisdair Macindoe cements his description as one of Australia’s most exiting young choreographers. The work will leave you wanting more” DANCE INFORMA

'embodies a freshness and humanity, a purity of movement, and a depth of thought that are uplifting and inspiring.’  XS Entertainment