TEACHER: Rebecca forde

PILATES is designed for the student who has prior Pilates experience, an understanding of the Pilates Principles and concepts, and is injury free. This class is not clinical or rehabilitation Pilates although minor injuries can be accommodated with instructor approval. Please do not come to this class if you have never done Pilates before. Exercise regressions and progressions for different levels will be provided during class which will be geared to the strong beginner/intermediate level. The framework of the class will be based on the classical Pilates mat work sequence as put forth by Joseph H. Pilates in his book, Return To Life Through Contrology, first published in 1945.

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Rebecca came to Pilates after a long career in contemporary dance. In 2002 she completed her training through The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado, USA, she is a Level 4 Instructor with the Pilates Alliance of Australasia (PAA), and is a Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certified teacher. She has been teaching Pilates mat classes for Dancenorth since 2009 and also runs Dragonfly Pilates & Movement, her home-based studio.