Dancenorth co-presents new work one infinity

Dancenorth has recently launched head first in to the World Premiere season of new work One Infinity.

Directed by Gideon Obarzanek, One Infinity is a co-production between Dancenorth, Playking Productions and Jun Tian Fang Music Ensemble.

Featuring dancers from Dancenorth and Beijing Dance Theatre and music by Jun Tian Fang, Wang Peng & Genevieve Lacey, these unique talents have together fashioned a transformative immersion in music and dance.

Dancenorth’s Associate Artistic Director Amber Haines was integral in the development of One Infinity as Associate choreographer for the work.
★★★★★ - "The brave cross-cultural world premiere was both meditative and electric, an experience of deep listening in which the most powerful voice comes from within." - The Music

One Infinity will be presented once again at both Sydney Festival and Perth Festival in 2019. 

Sydney Festival 2019

Wednesday 23rd January // 7.30pm // Carriageworks

Thursday 24th January // 7.30pm // Carriageworks

Friday 25th January // 7.30pm // Carriageworks

Saturday 26th January // 7.30pm // Carriageworks

Sunday 27th January // 5.00pm // Carriageworks

Perth Festival 2019

Thursday 7th February // 8.00pm // His Majesty’s Theatre

Friday 8th February // 8.00pm // His Majesty’s Theatre

Saturday 9th February // 3.00pm // His Majesty’s Theatre

Saturday 9th February // 8.00pm // His Majesty’s Theatre

Sunday 10th February // 6.00pm // His Majesty’s Theatre