THURSDAY 3.45PM - 4.30PM


KIDZ MOVE is a creative dance class for primary aged children, including fun games and improvisation tasks. Children will experiment with moving on impulse, to develop important concepts such as; body awareness, patterns and sequencing, and creative shapes.

Participating students are provided with a physical, creative outlet that encourages each child to discover his/her individual talents. These skills support academic improvement by promoting higher rational abilities, spatial intelligence, concentration, and creative thinking. Classes enhance students’ self-esteem by providing an opportunity for accomplishment in an artistic, fun environment. Children will learn how to creatively engage with sound, imagination and concept through movement exploration and tasks.


Suzie Searight is an emerging choreographer and community-based artist. Leaving Townsville in North Queensland, Suzie completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance course at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) graduating with Distinction in 2017. She then also completed her Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies through the Royal Academy of Dance and became involved with Dance for Parkinson’s Australia, support teaching and facilitating workshops at Queensland Ballet and QUT.

Suzie is passionate about connecting with all generations in the community both nationally and internationally. She has travelled to Africa and East-Timor to experience an intercultural and creative exchange with the local people as an effort to use dance as a universal language. Through her active involvement with the dance community, Suzie strives to share her passion for dance with others and apply her emergent dance practice in different contexts.

Suzie is passionate about choreography and interdisciplinary practice; her creative process inspired by the collaborative and artistic potential of dance, fashion and sculpture, driven by the curiosity to explore the boundaries of aesthetic and ways in which the body moves with other objects in space.