Jenni Large

Company Dancer

Jenni is a dancer, teacher and emerging choreographer who trained at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts graduating with the Hawaiian award for Most Outstanding Student.

Jenni has performed extensively throughout Australia with companies and independent artists including, Sue Peacock, Aimee, Smith, Isabella Stone, Rhiannon Newton, Leigh Warren & Dancers, Prying Eye Productions, Dance Makers Collective, Tasdance (2012-13) and Dancenorth (2015-present).

Since joining Dancenorth highlights include touring nationally and internationally works by Alisdair Macindoe, Ross McCormack, Stephanie Lake, Lee Searle, Lucy Guerin, Gideon Obarzanek, Kyle Page and Amber Haines. In 2017 Jenni also undertook the role as Assistant Rehearsal Director. 

As an emerging choreographer Jenni has created a few short works; The Ultimate Human Seduction with The Dance Makers Collective (2013), The Untitled Lion Project with Jack Ziesing (2015), Baby Heaven Love Voice for Dancenorth's Tomorrow Makers (2017) and has more recently been developing a solo work White Woman.



WHAT AGE DID YOU START DANCING? ‘I started dancing at age 13.’

 WHAT ARE YOU INSPIRED BY? ‘My peers and leaders. The joy and freedom of being in my body. A desire to engender a more deeply connected world.'

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT CONTEMPORARY DANCE? 'Its ability to be both unreservedly abstract and innately relatable. This collision of opposition forever inspires newness which continues to challenge and open me as an artist and as a result, enriches my life.’