CREATED BY STEPHANIE LAKE AND ROSS MCCORMACK                                  

Delve into the fanciful and illusory worlds of two extraordinary choreographers, Stephanie Lake and Ross McCormack as they fall down the rabbit hole of imagination and fill in the blanks.

If _ Was _ is both an investigation into choreographic practice and sensory representation of each artist's personal library of lived experience generated in response to a strict framework and equal limitations.

Artistic Director Kyle Page set the challenge for each artist to select sound from the one sound score, create costumes from one pattern, utilise lighting from one design and work to a set duration.  It is within these parameters that If _ Was _ comes to life.  Audiences are invited to experience this double bill that celebrates our difference and questions what is unique to us.

Premiered in June 2016, If _ Was _is a bold new work, raw pared back, alive.