Georgia Rudd

Company Dancer

From New Plymouth, Georgia trained at the New Zealand School of Dance graduating as a Contemporary Major in 2015. 

Professionally, Georgia has performed several works by various choreographers during her three years with Dancenorth under the directorship of Kyle Page and Amber Haines: Attractor Lucy Guerin and Gideon Obarzanek, Dust and Rainbow Vomit Kyle Page and Amber Haines, 1Infinity Gideon Obarzanek, If__ Was__ double bill by Stephanie Lake and Ross McCormack and The Three Dancers by Lee Serle. In 2017 Georgia created and performed Together Indecision a duet with Mason Kelly.

Prior to this in New Zealand, Georgia performed two new works by Ross McCormack’s company Muscle Mouth, Preface – Homage to a Risk presented at Tempo Dance Festival and Visions of Salome at M1 Contact Dance Festival Singapore.


BIRTH PLACE: New Plymouth, New Zealand

WHAT AGE DID YOU START DANCING? ‘I started dancing at age 5.’

 WHAT ARE YOU INSPIRED BY? ‘For me, the continual revealing of the self, all parts of that, re-meeting who I am over and over each time I move, that is exciting. This opens up the constant exploration of how to connect wholly with every instant, to connect to further to self and through that connecting to others.'

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT CONTEMPORARY DANCE? 'I love to move and I love to share the experience of people inhabiting their bodies. Dance is so alive for me and a less finite form of communicating and there’s something really attractive about that.’