Felix Sampson

Company Dancer

Born in Wellington, Felix studied at the New Zealand School of Dance (NZSD), graduating in 2015 with a Diploma in Dance Performance. While studying at NZSD he worked with many influential choreographers such as Ross McCormack (Preface: Hommage to a risk), Douglas Wright (Rapt excerpts), Craig Bary (Rapt excerpts) Thomas Bradley (Conditions of Entry), Iratxe Ansa (Metamorphosis 2015) and Sarah Foster-Sproull (Forgotten Things) among many others.

Upon graduating, Felix worked with Malia Johnston in her short work Semble which was performed at the Cubadupa Festival in Wellington, and World of Wearable Art during their mini show at the Brancott Estate.

Felix then joined Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) in May 2016 as a full-time company dancer. Upon joining ADT he performed in the return season of Ignition working with choreographers such as Lina Limosani, Katrina Lazaroff, Erin Fowler, Matte Roffe and Thomas Fonua. He then performed multiple works under the choreographer and directorship of Garry Stewart; Objekt, The Beginning of Nature, and Doppelganger.


BIRTH PLACE: Wellington, New Zealand

WHAT AGE DID YOU START DANCING? ‘I started dancing at age 5.’

 WHAT ARE YOU INSPIRED BY? ‘A few different things, I think the need to be physical and pushing my mental/physical capacity is a big one. But also I get really inspired by the people around me. I get a real excitement moving with people and seeing people do things that make me want to move. The people I work with are the most inspiring people I know and constantly amaze me with the rad things they do.  Also music is a huge influence and inspiration. Being able to have a good old get down and shake a tail feather.  '

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT CONTEMPORARY DANCE? 'For me, I think it is the freedom in which I have to create with so many different tools/methods, that makes contemporary so awesome to me. There isn't one particular style I have to use, I have to the option to explore a task through so many different movement/drama mediums.'