Samantha Hines was born and raised in Sydney, Australia where she studied a range of styles of dance at Ettingshausens Dynamic arts. She then went on to study full-time contemporary and classic dance at Sydney's Ev and Bow under the directorship of Sarah Boutler and Lisa Evans. In 2010 her training continued at New Zealand School of Dance and in her final year was hire by Australian Dance Theatre. While with Australian Dance Theatre, Samantha performed and toured extensively with the company throughout Australia, Europe and Asia. In 2013 she embarked on the Australian tour of G as well as Proximity at the Arts Centre Melbourne along with two European tours of Proximity in 2013 & 2014. In 2015 she performed in three European tours of Multiverse, as well as the Australian national tour of Be Your Self.

Samantha has collaborated and performed in the world premier seasons of Daniel Jaber's 'Nought' (2013), Garry Stewart's 'Multiverse' (2014), 'Habitus' (2016) and 'Beginning of Nqature' (2016). Since leaving Australian Dance Theatre Samantha has collaborated and performed in the premiere of 'Attractor' (2016) by Lucy Guerin and Gideon Obarzanek in partnership with Dancenorth; for which she was shortlisted for a Helpmann award for best female performer in a dance/physical theatre performance. She then went on to premier Stephanie Lake's work 'Pile Of Bones' (2017) and Dancenorth's 'Tectonic' (2017). She has since joined Dancenorth as a full-time member. 



Jenni trained at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. She graduated in 2010 receiving the Hawaiian Award for most outstanding graduate. During her studies she completed the international exchange program at the Taipei National University of the Arts and traveled to the United States to perform at the World Dance Alliance. 

As an independent artist, Jenni has developed, performed and toured works by Aimee Smith, Sue Peacock, Isabella Stone, Leigh Warren and Dancers, Ashley McLellan and Preying Eye Productions. 

From 2012-2013 Jenni was a member of Tasdance under artistic director Annie Greig, performing and touring works by Anton, Francis Rings, Larissa McGowan, Anna Smith, Marnie Palomares, Byron Perry and Tanja Liedkte. 

Jenni choreographed The Ultimate Human Seduction as a founding member of the Sydney-based Dance Makers Collective in 2013, The Untitled Lion Project with collaborator Jack Ziesing as apart of the IndepenDANCE project in 2015 and more recently, Baby Heaven Love Voice as part of Dancenorth's 2017 Tomorrow Makers Season. 

Jenni joined Dancenorth in 2015 under the directorship of Kyle Page and Amber Haines. Performance highlights include touring nationally and internationally, A pre-Emptive Requiem for Mother Nature by Alisdair Macindoe; If__Was__ a double bill by Ross McCormack and Stephanie Lake, The Three Dancers by Lee Searle; Attractor by Lucy Guerin Inc and Gideon Obarzanek, Rainbow Vomit and Spectra by Amber Haines and Kyle Page. In 2017 Jenni also undertook the role as Assistant Rehearsal Director.



Ashley was born in Cairns and began dancing at the age of 7 with 'Creative Moves', and later at 'Daphne Learoyd School of Dance' in Shepparton, Victoria.

Ashley graduated from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), with an Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts (Dance) in 2010, where she was awarded the, Dance Theatre of WA Award 2008, Leinster Award for Dance 2008, and the Hawaiian Award for Ballet 2010.

During and after her training, Ashley spent four years performing with the West Australian Ballet, under the directorship of Ivan Cavallari performing corps de ballet and soloist roles.

She received the award for, Outstanding Performance by a Female in Melbourne’s Short and Sweet Festival for her self-choreographed solo, Other in 2013, and was granted a successful recipient of the Australia Council’s ArtStart Grant 2014, during which time she danced in workshops and festivals across Europe and Asia. Upon returning to Australia, Ashley choreographed and performed Pearl for Lucy Guerin Inc.’s season of Pieces for Small Spaces.

In 2015 Ashley performed in Melanie Lane’s work, Merge for Melbourne’s Dance Massive festival and began dancing full time with Dancenorth Australia, under the newly appointed director Kyle Page.

Over the years Ashley has worked with artists such as Graham Murphy, Marcia Haydee, Garry Stewart, Ivan Cavallari, Nana Bilus Abaffy, Tony Yap, Gregory Lorenzutti, Alisdair Macindoe, Melanie Lane, Kyle Page, Amber Haines, Geoffrey Watson, Stephanie Lake, Ross McCormack, Lee Serle, Lucy Guerin Inc. and Gideon Obarzanek to name a few.


mason kelly

Mason Kelly, originally from Geelong, Victoria, attended The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School in Melbourne where he trained for three years. In 2013 he commenced full-time training as a contemporary major at The New Zealand School of Dance. 

During his time at NZSD Mason performed in the World of Wearable Arts, directed by Malia Johnston and NZSD’s choreographic season of ’The Residents’ directed by Victoria Colombus which toured to Tempo Dance Festival Auckland. He also worked with James O’Hara, Lina Limosani, Michael Parmenter, Nils Christe and Ursula Rob. In 2015, at the start of his third year, Mason was lucky enough to join Dancenorth under the new directorship of Kyle Page. Since then he has performed and toured works around Australia by Alisdair Macindoe (A Pre-Emptive Requiem for Mother Nature) , Ross McCormack (If Form was Shifted), Stephanie Lake (If Never was Now), Lee Serle (The Three Dancers), Kyle Page and Amber Haines (Rainbow Vomit, Spectra) and Lucy Guerin and Gideon Obarzanek (Attractor). He has also worked with the Townsville community choreographing and teaching workshops.



Georgia graduated from the New Zealand School of Dance as a contemporary major in 2015. During her training, Georgia performed two new works, Preface – Homage to a Risk (presented at Tempo Dance Festival) and Visions of Salome (M1 Contact Dance Festival Singapore) by Ross McCormack’s company Muscle Mouth. While studying she also worked with, Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich, James O’hara, Matthew Smith, James Pham, Thomas Bradley and Sarah Foster-Sproull.

Professionally, Georgia has performed works by several choreographers in 2016, her first year with Dancenorth; Rainbow Vomit (Kyle Page and Amber Haines), If Form Was Shifted (Ross McCormack), If Never Was Now (Stephanie Lake), The Three Dancers (Lee Serle), and Attractor (Lucy Guerin and Gideon Obarzanek).



Born in Wellington, Felix studied at the New Zealand School of Dance (NZSD), graduating in 2015 with a Diploma in Dance Performance. While studying at NZSD he worked with many influential choreographers such as Ross McCormack (Preface: Hommage to a risk), Douglas Wright (Rapt excerpts), Craig Bary (Rapt excerpts) Thomas Bradley (Conditions of Entry), Iratxe Ansa (Metamorphosis 2015) and Sarah Foster-Sproull (Forgotten Things) among many others.

Upon graduating, Felix worked with Malia Johnston in her short work Semble which was performed at the Cubadupa Festival in Wellington, and World of Wearable Art during their mini show at the Brancott Estate.

Felix then joined Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) in May 2016 as a full-time company dancer. Upon joining ADT he performed in the return season of Ignition working with choreographers such as Lina Limosani, Katrina Lazaroff, Erin Fowler, Matte Roffe and Thomas Fonua. He then performed multiple works under the choreographer and directorship of Garry Stewart; Objekt, The Beginning of Nature, and Doppelganger.



Jack Ziesing began dancing in Canberra at Quantum Leap Youth Dance Company under the direction of Ruth Osborne. 

In 2008 Jack undertook training at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. While there he worked with choreographers Aimee Smith, Melanie Lane, Anton and Amaury Lebrun (Spain). In 2009, he received a scholarship to attend the Taipei Ideas Dance Festival specialising in rope and aerial work. Jack also travelled to the United States to attend the World Dance Alliance Conference and perform choreographer Sue Peacock’s any given moment. He graduated from WAAPA in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance.

Upon graduating, Jack developed Ghostlight choreographed by Kate Weare (USA) for Buzz Dance Company and also performed in Chrissie Parrot’s 2 for the opening gala at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia.

Jack joined Expressions Dance Company in 2011 under artistic director Natalie Weir. While at the company, Jack was fortunate to perform in many of Weir’s signature award winning works. He toured extensively nationally and internationally and collaborated with other companies including Queensland Ballet, Cathy Sharpe Dance Ensemble, LDTX/Beijing Dance, Singapore Dance Theatre and Guangzhou Modern Dance Company. He also performed works by commissioned choreographers such as Antony Hamilton, Lucas Jervies, Paul Selwyn-Norton, Lisa Wilson, Nerida Matthaei, Liesel Zink, Cameron McMillan and Xing Liang.

Jack now works as a freelance performer and choreographer. He recently performed in Ohad Naharin’s Decadance for STRUT as part of the MoveMe festival in Perth before choreographing for QL2’s EAT in Canberra.

Jack is a multiple nominee for both the Australian Dance Awards and the Robert Helpmann Awards for Best Dance Performance by a Male.



Marlo Benjamin is an Australian based contemporary dancer. Born and raised in Sydney, she began her professional career at the age of 13, performing in Force Majeure's "The Age I'm In" touring both nationally and internationally. Marlo then performed with Force Majeure/Sydney Theatre Company's "Never Did Me Any Harm", and Chunky Move's "Assembly".

In 2014, Marlo began her first year of study at the Victorian College of the Arts, and continued her training at Sydney Dance Company's Pre Professional Year in 2015. 

Since Graduation in 2016, Marlo has danced with Chunky Move in "Anti-Gravity" for Asia Topa and Dance Massive, Force Majeure/Sydney Theatre Company, Stephanie Lake Company's "Pile of Bones", Gideon Obarzanek, Sara Black, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and most recently with Australian Dance Theatre, performing Tanja Liedtke's "Construct" to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the passing of Tanja.


josh mu

Josh Mu is an Australian-based independent contemporary dancer. His dance roots begin in breakdance and hip hop culture, and have expanded to include contemporary dance, ballet, circus, gymnastics, yoga and physical theatre.

Mu’s varied skill set has enabled him to work with a wide range of prominent companies and artists across Australia, including Chunky Move, Force Majeure, Dancenorth, Antony Hamilton Projects, Shaun Parker & Company, Sydney Theatre Company, Perth Theatre Company, Marrugeku, Tracks Dance Theatre, Buzz Dance Theatre, Jo Lloyd, Stephanie Lake, Gavin Webber, Garry Stewart, Lucy Guerin, Gideon Obarzanek and Meryl Tankard.

Mu is an ArtsNT scholarship recipient, an AusdanceWA award winner for ‘Outstanding Performance’ and a certified yoga instructor.

Mu is continually exploring potential for new movement, is fascinated by the benefits of yoga for performers, and is interested in where arts and technology intersect.


alisdair macindoe

Alisdair is an Australian sound designer, composer and instrument builder mostly working in dance. He has collaborated on works by Antony Hamilton, Chunky Move - Adam Wheeler & Benjamin Hancock, Dancenorth, KAGE Physical Theatre, Lucy Guerin Inc's Pieces for Small Spaces - Amber Haines & his own 525600LOVE, Australian Dance Theatre's Ignition Tour , STOMPIN ,QL2, Yellow Wheel, 2nd Toe, Lee Serle, Amber Haines, Sara Black, Gala Moody, Martin Hansen and Lina Limosani. His skills and interests include coding (MAX/MSP/JITTER, Arduino IDE, basic C++, Pure Data, Basic Linux & RPi programming), computer sound design (ableton live, Reaper), electronics hardware design (EagleCAD) and analog synthesizer construction and play. He has received three Greenroom awards for his sound design and composition. 

Alisdair is a contemporary dancer and dance-maker who trained at the Victorian College of the Arts secondary and tertiary schools. He has performed in works by Lucy Guerin, Chunky Move, Antony Hamilton, Stephanie Lake, Dancenorth, Leigh Warren and dancers, Damien Jalet, Erna Omarsdottir, Nat Cursio Inc, Jo Lloyd, Gerard Van Dyke, Bec Reid, Cobie Orger, Stone/Castro, and his own works (Bromance, 525600LOVE and Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain). He has received a Greenroom and a Helpmann award for his performances and a Greenroom award for concept and realisation of a dance work.



mamiko oe
guest dancer

Mamiko was born in Tokyo, Japan and started her ballet training at age of 6 at the Unique Ballet Theatre.  In 2000 Mamiko began modern dance training at Dean College in the USA.  In 2003 after graduation, she joined the dance company Kim Itoh+Glourius future and in 2005 joined the dance company BATIK.  Mamiko works with dancers and other artists around the world.






rie teranishi

Rie was born in Osaka,Japan and began training in classical ballet from age 4. At age 12 she started training in jazz and modern dance and continued her training graduating from Ochanomizu woman university majoring in dance.

Rie then joined dance company BATIK in 2008 and continues to collaborate with musicians and other artists in Japan and around the world.


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