Reverence \\  In Development

Kyle Page is facilitating a long-term community engagement program with the Urab dancers and community on Poruma Island in the Torres Strait.  With reciprocal cultural exchanges between Townsville and the Torres Strait Islands the collaboration will culminate in performances at regional festivals including the Strand Ephemera 2017, North Queensland's biennial Sculpture Festival.

Twilight \\ Premiere October 2015

Twilight will take you from dusk to dark on a dance and music journey through the winding pathways of Jezzine Barracks to celebrate its special magic at the twilight hour. A multi-site performance featuring over 150 performers from the Townsville community in ten short performance episodes across ten sites, Twilight has a surprise for you at every twist and turn of the ‘twilight’ walk we have mapped out for you.

This Dancenorth production celebrates the 30th anniversary of the company and has been conceived and created by founding artistic director Cheryl Stock, in collaboration with acclaimed Malaysian composer and musical director Ng Chor Guan, cultural engagement facilitator Susan van den Ham and the Dancenorth performers.

Contributing to this diverse and enchanting program are local Indigenous performers, dance students from Pimlico and Kirwan High Schools, Kith and Kin disability group, Forever Young 60 + dancers, Waasa drumming group, parkour surprises, and the popular Aquapella choir along with players of Barrier Reef Orchestra.