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January 5th 2018 - adventures of greenland


We are currently bunkered down at the Aajuna Artist Residency in Qaqortoq, Southern Greenland, a picturesque town of 3000 people. We are here to write, research, create, listen and dream – we are here to take breath, to recalibrate and reenergise in preparation for the truly enormous year ahead. 

We love this part of the world and are continually drawn to the high North’s long star-studded winter nights and 24hours of sunlight in summer. Our most recent Arctic adventure was in 2015 when we spent 3 weeks sailing a Barkantine Tall Ship around Svalbard with 20 artists and thought-leaders from across the globe. 

Here our days are filled with books, podcasts and slow meandering conversation. We are revelling in the freedom that comes from being so far away from all that is familiar. We love not knowing anyone in a small town where everyone knows everyone. We are a constant source of mystery and intrigue: Who are you? Where are you from? Why are you here… and why in winter? 

Since arriving we have hosted a number of workshops at the Qaqortoq outreach centre, known locally as the Kkaassassuk. We love that we can share our skills with the Inuit children and open up their eyes to the possibility of dance being a full time occupation – a very abstract notion for many of them. Moments like these truly remind us of how fortunate we are to be doing what we love – they also remind us how vital it is to continue sharing our gifts with the world.

We are alive with the cold wind biting our faces as we wander the expansive coastline - free from deadlines. We are on our own schedule, and in this way even the jetlag was a welcome disruption, free from the need to be anywhere on time we rode it out easily, sitting comfortably in the haze of disorientation – enjoying the abstract sleepy lens through which we viewed the world.

Our nights are dotted with shooting stars and dazzling displays of the Aurora Borealis overhead - there are few things that so easily drag you back to that sense of pure childlike wonder – the Aurora does this like no other. 

With just over one week left we are beginning to consolidate and arrange our disparate thoughts into new shows and new projects. The weather forecast shows a high of 3 and a low of -13, a few more snow storms and three days of sunshine, hopefully followed by starlit nights and maybe, just maybe, a dancing Aurora above our heads.