inaugural a.r.t. indigenous cross-artform residency presentation - zane saunders

For the first time, Dancenorth in partnership with Pryce Centre for Culture and Arts has expanded its Artist Residency in the Tropics (A.R.T.) Program to offer opportunities to Queensland based Indigenous community groups and individual artists seeking support for an arts-related project.

This inaugural Indigenous Cross-artform Residency presents the unique opportunity to utilise the Dancenorth studio space for a period of two weeks to undertake a project across any artform.  

The successful artist for Dancenorth’s 2018 Indigenous Cross-artform Residency is Zane Saunders. Zane joined Dancenorth in October where used the opportunity to continue developing choreographic and conceptual content for his new work Spirit.

"This opportunity enabled further investigation of my new work Spirit, a project that will encourage Indigenous Australians to see the importance and relevance of culture and our inherent Spiritualities which are essential to our survival and connection to our lands. My intention was to draw on local Contextualised Aboriginal Spiritualities for the purpose of restoring the spiritual base of our people for their wellbeing into the future." Said Zane.

As part of his time with Dancenorth, Zane presented a thought-provoking presentation of his newest development Spirit to a local Townsville audience.

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Director Jonathan Mcburnie facilitated a post performance Q+A with Zane that touched on the importance and relevance of culture and our inherent Spiritualities.

“My time with Dancenorth gave me further reassurance and belief in the direction I am heading. It allowed me to establish and maintain important artistic relationships with such great people at Dancenorth and the Townsville Community.” - Zane Saunders.

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