Alisdair Macindoe

Guest Choreographer / Guest Dancer

Alisdair is an Australian sound designer, composer and instrument builder mostly working in dance. He has collaborated on works by Antony Hamilton, Chunky Move - Adam Wheeler & Benjamin Hancock, Dancenorth, KAGE Physical Theatre, Lucy Guerin Inc's Pieces for Small Spaces - Amber Haines & his own 525600LOVE, Australian Dance Theatre's Ignition Tour , STOMPIN ,QL2, Yellow Wheel, 2nd Toe, Lee Serle, Amber Haines, Sara Black, Gala Moody, Martin Hansen and Lina Limosani. His skills and interests include coding (MAX/MSP/JITTER, Arduino IDE, basic C++, Pure Data, Basic Linux & RPi programming), computer sound design (ableton live, Reaper), electronics hardware design (EagleCAD) and analog synthesizer construction and play. He has received three Greenroom awards for his sound design and composition. 

Alisdair is a contemporary dancer and dance-maker who trained at the Victorian College of the Arts secondary and tertiary schools. He has performed in works by Lucy Guerin, Chunky Move, Antony Hamilton, Stephanie Lake, Dancenorth, Leigh Warren and dancers, Damien Jalet, Erna Omarsdottir, Nat Cursio Inc, Jo Lloyd, Gerard Van Dyke, Bec Reid, Cobie Orger, Stone/Castro, and his own works (Bromance, 525600LOVE and Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain). He has received a Greenroom and a Helpmann award for his performances and a Greenroom award for concept and realisation of a dance work.