Alisdair Macindoe’s Pre-emptive Requiem For Mother Naturedelves into the magic of the organic world, reflecting on physical phenomena we often take for granted. Driven by inimitable natural forms the performers interact like flocking birds, schools of fish and clouds in the wind.

Winner of the Helpmann Award for Best Male Dancer in 2013 for Dual, Alisdair is a Melbourne-based dancer, composer and choreographer.

He has worked and toured extensively with companies including Chunky Move, Lucy Guerin Inc, Leigh Warren and Dancers, Nat Cursio Co., Katrina Lazarof, Lina Limosani, Underpass, Bare Bones Collective, Balletlab and Coby Orger.

Nominated for a Green Room Award in 2008 for best Male Dancer in his own solo work Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain, he created his first full length work BROMANCE in 2010, commissioned by Lucy Guerin Inc for The Next Wave Festival and Performance Space, Sydney.